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4 Healthy Habits for the Workplace

4 Healthy Habits for the Workplace - BlenderBottle

Spending 40+ hours at a desk each week doesn't exactly promote good health. Between long periods of sitting, unnecessary snacking, and the stress that almost inevitably accompanies a job or career, the workday can take a serious toll on your health. Make your workday a healthier one by cultivating the following four habits:

1. Stack Your Snacks

Instead of reserving one of your desk drawers for unhealthy treats, try pre-packing healthy, proportioned, snacks for your workday. The GoStak nutrition system is perfect for this. Trail mix, jerky, dried fruit, and dark chocolate chips make healthy snacks in moderation, and can be the difference between a healthy, tide-you-over snack and a diet-busting donut run.

2. Take A Break

When your workload gets overwhelming, it's important to keep your stress levels in check. Being stress free increases your memory and learning capabilities, aids in decision making, and fights depression. Take a 10 minute break to surf the web or chat with a co-worker. Getting your mind off of things and warding off stress will ultimately make you more productive and able-minded when you return to work.

3. Stand Up

Seriously - stand up. Prolonged sitting has been found to significantly increase your risk for cardiovascular disease, so take advantage of opportunities to stand up and move around. Try hand-delivering messages rather than sending an email, and take the stairs before the elevator. Try to stand up and move around every 1-2 hours to avoid the effects of stagnant sitting.

4. Practice Good Posture

Poor posture ultimately leads to poor health. According to Dr. David Gentile, an osteopathic physician, "[poor posture] puts undue strain on the ligaments, spinal joints and other soft tissue structures of the spinal region. This can lead to strain injuries, osteoarthritic changes, rib and breathing abnormalities and neurological changes." To help maintain a healthy posture at your workstation, sit slightly forward in your chair, with your feet flat on the floor and your knees slightly below your hips (you may need to adjust your chair). Rotate your pelvis forward and lift your chest. Pull your chin slightly in and your shoulders down and back. It can help to tighten your abdominal muscles slightly to engage your core. If you're at a computer, adjust your monitor to be at eye-level to keep your head level and reduce neck strain.

What are you doing to be healthier at work?

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