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7 GoStak Features You May Have Missed

7 GoStak Features You May Have Missed - BlenderBottle

It's been one week since the announcement of our latest product, the BlenderBottle GoStak and we've seen incredible response. At first glance, the GoStak may seem like a set of unassuming plastic protein containers. A closer look, however, reveals numerous time-saving features and a level of detail and design that makes it a one-of-a-kind system. The GoStak saves time, space, money, and the environment by allowing you to buy supplements, snacks, condiments, etc. in bulk, and use its reusable jars to pack only what you need. Gone are the days of taking messy baggies and bulky containers to the gym or on vacation, just to stay on your workout and nutrition regimen. (Those of you who've tried pouring protein powder out of a plastic bag into a shaker cup know exactly what I mean.)

GoStak Snacking Containers


While we've highlighted several key features of the GoStak on the product details page, I want to share a few "lesser-known" features that really make this new product shine:

1. Expandability: Build Your Own "Instant" Shakes

One of my favorite features of the GoStak is its expandability, allowing you to mix and match jar sizes that work best for you. Once a week (or before I head out of town), I spend some time creating ready-to-go post-workout "cocktails." I fill a bunch of GoStak jars with whey protein powder and a scoop of creatine, and if I think I'll need the carbs, some oat flour. That all fits nicely into a 100cc jar (150cc if I add oat flour), and after my next workout I just grab a GoStak jar, pour the contents into my BlenderBottle, and I'm set. No need to bring out all 3 bags of supplements each time.

GoStaks work great for supplement containers.


2. Never Lose a Lid

The larger GoStak jars are perfect for packing snacks on the go. While treating yourself to some roasted almonds, attach the lid to the bottom of the jar with the Twist 'n Lock system to keep it handy. This is especially useful for parents who want to pack Cheerios or Goldfish crackers for their toddlers, and still have a lid when they're finished.

GoStak containers are great for snacks.


3. BlenderBall Compatible

The GoStak fits nicely into both BlenderBottle Classic and SportMixer shaker bottles for compact traveling. But did you know that the BlenderBall fits inside the GoStak jars? This is perfect for those times when you don't need or want the whisk ball rattling around inside your bottle.

GoStak Storage Containers


4. Removable Carry Handle

Use a carabiner to clip the GoStak to a backpack while hiking, or to the loop on a SportMixer water bottle to keep them together on the go. It actually comes in handy quite often. Don't need it? Don't use it. It uses the Twist 'n Lock system to attach (or detach) from any GoStak lid.

GoStak containers are easy to transport.


5. Stain and Odor Resistant

The GoStak jars are made of durable, BPA-free Eastman Tritan plastic, offering superior clarity and durability, without sacrificing safety. While no plastic is perfect, the GoStak jars do a good job of resisting odors and stains from previous contents.

BlenderBottle Brand GoStak Snacking Containers


6. Easy On, Easy Off

The GoStak lids offer a secure seal, while only requiring about a quarter turn to open and close. It may seem insignificant, but having to spin a lid around several times each time you open or close the jar becomes more of a nuisance than you might expect. This is one of those subtle features that adds a nice touch.

GoStak Containers


7. Nine Vibrant Colors

Everyone loves variety, and we've certainly given you that when it comes to color. Whether you designate certain colors for pre and post workout, or officially mark blue as his, and pink as hers, you've got options. Oh, and I should add: they match all BlenderBottle brand bottles; we even updated our Classic color palette to make sure of it.

GoStak Containers Colors


Have you had a chance to try the new GoStak system? Tell us how you use it below. Not the proud owner quite yet? Tell us how you would use it!

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