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BlenderBottle Meets Willy Wonka: A New Contest On

BlenderBottle Meets Willy Wonka: A New Contest On - BlenderBottle

Thinking back to the classic movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we can't decide what our favorite part was: winning a "golden ticket", touring a whole factory made of candy, or getting unlimited candy for life! What's not to love? The only real downsides were the menacing ceiling fan that Charlie had to burp to escape from, and the health issues implicit with eating copious amounts of candy. Note: we, as passionate healthy-living advocates, do not endorse such endeavors.

So when created their own golden ticket prize, you had to figure they'd shake it up a little bit.

No menacing ceiling fans or blatant health risks this time; just ten $1,000 shopping sprees for the winners. will be randomly placing a limited-edition BlenderBottle SportMixer in 3,000 of their outgoing orders between October 15 and November 11. Ten of those shaker bottles will contain a golden ticket, which is good for $1,000 on

Here's your chance to follow your childhood dreams and go after one of Willy Wonka's coveted "golden tickets." Only this time, winning will help you get healthier!"

The more you order, the more chances you have to win. Good luck!

Let's take a minute to reminisce on our favorite Willy Wonka moments. Were you a Gene Wilder or a Johnny Depp fan? What was your favorite scene? Tell us below.

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