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4 Healthy Options For Your Midnight Snacking

4 Healthy Options For Your Midnight Snacking - BlenderBottle

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night craving something to eat? Before you know it, you've staggered into the kitchen, and started rummaging through the pantry and/or fridge. Invariably, you end curled up in your bed with a bag of chips or some leftover pizza, wondering what happened.

Sound familiar? If so, you're not alone. The prevailing wisdom is that eating right before bed, or during the night, is not healthy for you; it messes with your metabolism and turns into fat. The best alternative is just to not eat during the night. But if you didn't get a healthy meal before bed, midnight cravings can sometimes be better dealt with by grabbing a light snack, instead of starving yourself and binging later on. Next time you wake up craving something to snack on, try to find something healthier than chips or pizza. Our friends over at Livestrong came up with these four healthy options for midnight snacking:

  1. Nuts
  2. Low-Fat Dairy
  3. Fruits and Vegetables
  4. Whole Grains

These are all great options because they're nutritious, and they allow you to get full without taking in tons of calories. They also allow you to stay full longer. On that note, remember to eat these foods in small quantities. The key is to get full enough to fall back asleep, not to destroy a whole bag of pistachios. Eating too much can even make it difficult to fall back asleep. You're always better off eating a dinner that is nutritious enough to keep you full throughout the night. However, if you do wake up hungry, try one of these healthy snacks that satisfy your craving and keep you full until morning.

What's your favorite HEALTHY midnight snack?

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