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DYOBB 2015 Is Nearly Here

DYOBB 2015 Is Nearly Here - BlenderBottle

Have you ever wanted your very own, custom-designed BlenderBottle brand shaker cup? Beginning July 1 (and running through the 31st), you'll have a chance to receive just that. Following the incredible success of last year's Design Your Own BlenderBottle Contest, we've revamped the designer, upgraded the prizes, and are bringing the contest back bigger than ever.

Using our online DYOBB (Design Your Own BlenderBottle) tool, entrants will have complete control over cup, lid, flip cap, and over mold color of the BlenderBottle Classic the iconic bottle that countless reviewers consider the best shaker cup on the market. Designs will be submitted and posted to a gallery page for public viewing and voting.

At the end of the month period, the designs with the most votes will be produced in a limited-edition batch and made available on On top of that, winners will receive a case of their own bottles and one of several cash prizes totaling over $1,000.

DYOBB 2015 will also feature several Designer's Choice Awards, unique from last year in that they, too, will include with cash prizes to reward late-comers to the contest who still create stellar designs.

Be sure to check back on July 1st for the official announcement, contest rules and details, and to get your designs submitted and collecting votes! To be notified the second the contest posts, subscribe to our mailing list at the (very) bottom right of our site. (Don't worry, we hate spam as much as you do and never share your info.)

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