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Father's Day Gifts for Superhero Dads

Father's Day Gifts for Superhero Dads - BlenderBottle

Celebrate the superhero dad in your life this Father's Day. Give Dad the gift of a shaker bottle from our superheroes list, featuring officially-licensed Marvel or DC superhero logos and superhero symbols. Which one is right for the super dad in your life Marvel or DC? Which Marvel character or DC superhero aligns with Dad's own superpowers? We'll help you choose.


If Dad is more of a Marvel superheroes man, consider these:


Thor shaker

Does "hammer-wielding God of Thunder and champion of the innocent" sound like your father? He may not be able to conjure all the power of Mjolnir, but Dad still wields a hammer (or drill, screwdriver, or any other tool) like no one else. And you can be sure that he'll always be your champion.


Spider-Man shaker

He may be mild-mannered and even a bit nerdy. But when the chips are down your dad much like Spider-Man is the best at sensing danger, finding a way out of tricky situations, and generally tacking life in leaps and bounds.


Captain America shaker

His love of country is second only to his love of family. And although he entertains you with tales from "back in the day" when he was a scrawny schoolkid, your dad now possesses incredible power and strength so much so that he seems indestructible.


If Dad is more apt to align with DC superheroes, consider these:


Batman shaker

Your dad is as cool as they come. He's dashing, daring, and a downright tech genius able to unravel any problem, big or small. Whether he's busy protecting Gotham City or keeping an eye on your hometown, he's sure to appreciate the innovation inherent in a BlenderBottle shaker.


Superman shaker

He's always been Superman to you, capable of almost anything in pursuit of "truth, justice, and the American way." Dad's strength, speed, and bravery are beyond measure. And even though you've never been able to hide anything from him, you have to admit that his x-ray vision is ultra cool.


Aquaman shaker

Does Dad's fishing prowess seem superhuman? He'll surely relate to Aquaman's sixth-sense superpower for summoning sea creatures. And remember, like Aquaman your dad's power is greater when he's properly hydrated all the more reason to give him the gift of a BlenderBottle shaker.


Want more superhero shaker Father's Day gift ideas? Check out all of our officially-licensed Marvel Comics bottles and officially-licensed DC Comics bottles to find the perfect fit for your dad.

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