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How To Do Push Ups With Bobby Maximus

How To Do Push Ups With Bobby Maximus - BlenderBottle
Simple. Yet seriously effective. That's the push up. All you need is a flat piece of ground and attention to proper form. Don't let those hips sag!

World-renowned fitness expert Bobby Maximus gives you quick and easy tips you need to do a push up right. Here's how:

How to do Push Ups:

Push up step 1-1

1. Starting face down on the ground, place your hands shoulder-width apart - keeping your core as tight as possible.

Push Up step 2 (1)

2. Press your body up, with arms at full extension, keeping a tight line from shoulders to feet.

push up step 3

3. Slowly lower your body back down, touching your chest to the ground before pushing back up to full extension.

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