Protein Shakes in 3 Minutes or Less

Protein Shakes in 3 Minutes or Less - BlenderBottle

How often do you come across a seemingly "drool-worthy" recipe on the internet, only to find out it calls for obscure ingredients and entirely too much prep time? Frustrating. We've compiled a few quick, easy, and totally drool-worthy protein shake recipes to help you satisfy your sweet tooth (in a nutritious way) ... fast with your BlenderBottle shaker cup.

101 Flavors Yogurt Smoothie

Changing up your go-to protein shake recipe doesn't have to be hard. Let your imagination go wild, and try switching things up with new flavors of yogurt. From Boston Cream Pie to Cherry Cheesecake - this protein shake recipe provides endless possibilities.

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Chocolate Bee

If fruity flavors aren't your thing, this might be the recipe for you. Three household ingredients come together to make a chocolate fix anyone can go for. The best part? From start to finish this recipe takes only three minutes to make.

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Butterscotch Blend

This sweet protein shake recipe is a fan-favorite here at the BlenderBottle HQ. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

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