Spring-Time Protein Shake Recipes

Spring-Time Protein Shake Recipes - BlenderBottle
March is here and by now the flavors of winter are old news. The fruity flavors of Spring are on the rise, and we've collected a few we're quite fond of as of late. Below are a few spring-inspired protein shake recipes to keep your taste buds, and your muscles, happy.

Blueberry Bananza

Fruit is nature's best source of nutrition, try adding more to your post-workout with this delicious (and nutritious) blend of blueberry and banana.View Recipe

Why This Shake Rocks: This super food packed flavoring is the best for your post-workout!

A Perfect Match: A blueberry shake deserves the Cyan PRO32 to make the perfect pair!

Cherry Almond Bliss

Cherry and almond have complimented each other from the very beginning. Two seemingly subtle flavors come together to make a protein shake recipe you won't soon forget.View Recipe

Why This Shake Rocks: This flavoring combination will be filling and delicious!

A Perfect Match: The Radian Tritan in the Sea color is the best way to enjoy your new shake!

Orange-Vanilla Twist

Looking to add a little juice to your post-workout protein shake? This outstanding blend of orange and vanilla is a sure fire way to add some much needed flavor to your BlenderBottle lifestyle.View Recipe

Why This Shake Rocks: This blast from citrus heaven creates a fruitfilled combination!

A Perfect Match: An Orange-Vanilla Twist deserves the ProStak so you can store snacks along with your shake!


Feel free to check all the other recipes we offer!

Photo Courtesy of: BlueRidgeKitties

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