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Let's see if this sounds familiar: Your best friend just got you amped for a new workout routine that is sure to get you looking better than you've ever looked in your whole lifeā€š as long as you stay with it. You start out strong, excited for the prospect of a beach body that is going to "wow" people that don't even know you. The first week you were hooked, doing the routines and filling your new BlenderBottle SportMixer with the best protein drinks. By the second week, you tried to stay with it but things came up and you got off schedule. By the third week, this new routine you were supposed to be following has suddenly slipped to the bottom of your priority list, and your BlenderBottle is now filled with sugary soda. If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. We've all been guilty of this at some point or another. Is it unavoidable fate? Not necessarily!

How do you overcome burnout? Understand your burnout thought processes' before they start.

Thought Process #1: Predictability

You've heard the expression,"Familiarity breeds contempt" and in this case contempt can lead to quitting. Luckily, you can fight this urge to quit by eliminating predictability before it starts. Mix it up! Introduce new challenges every day to prevent yourself from becoming bored. Do one routine one day and follow it with something completely different the next. The most active and fit people know this trick and use it well because it works.

Thought Process #2: Bigger, Better, Best

The shiny new toy mentality may have been just fine when you were a kid, but as an adult trying to keep your body healthy and strong, that excuse is not going to cut it. Adults can be just as guilty as kids when it comes to their shiny new toy thinking, always looking for the "next best thing." The fix? Sticking to a routine is a matter of prizing yourself. You have to believe that you are more important than the newest fad diet or trend is, so looking for things that offer sustainable, long-term results is key. When burnout hits, think of how much you value yourself and keep going!

Thought Process #3: Instant Gratification

Instant gratification may be the biggest burnout culprit of all we want what we want now, right? The thought of dedicated, hard work is overwhelming for a lot of people, and it becomes one of the biggest factors in quitting. You have to fight the urge for instant gratification by reminding yourself how you feel when you workout, not how you look. Enjoy the fun of putting together a new concoction in your BlenderBottle to keep you motivated. You may not look very different in the mirror immediately, but you will feel happier and healthier instantly. And before you know it, you'll see results and your hard work will have paid off.

How do YOU avoid burnout? Sound off below.

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