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Supplement Planning: the New Nutrition Trend

Supplement Planning: the New Nutrition Trend - BlenderBottle

Just like meal prepping, supplement prepping can help you save time and keep your health and fitness goals on track.

Surely you've heard of meal prepping, the popular, timesaving method of preparing multiple meals at once and in advance. Similar to meal prep, supplement prepping is an efficient tool that can help everyone from everyday athletes, to diehard fitness fans, to anyone that enjoys a daily protein shake or meal replacement drink.

Benefits of Supplement Prepping

Supplement prepping is a fairly simple habit to develop. And the ways in which it can benefit your life and your health and fitness goals are multiple and varied. Here's what you stand to gain from putting in just a little extra effort at the start of each week:

  • Take control of your health and fitness with a predetermined nutrition plan
  • Stick to your weight loss or weight gain goals
  • Make sure you always have quality protein and supplements on hand when you need them, for proper fueling and recovery
  • Reduce unhealthy cravings
  • Maintain your workout motivation and eliminate excuses to avoid the gym by having your nutrition prepped and planned out
  • Save time by prepping a week's worth of supplements at once
  • Cut your spending on restaurant or store-bought shakes and drinks
  • Eliminate stress

Plus, supplement prepping is a great way to ease into the full meal prepping habit, as it's far less time consuming than prepping entire cooked meals.

Plot Your Prep

Before you portion out a single scoop of protein powder, plot your supplement prepping. Wait a minute, you may be wondering I need to prepare to prep? Trust us, tackle these few simple steps in advance and you'll be well-equipped to whip out your first week's worth of ready-to-go supplements in no time.

  • Determine your workout or meal replacement plan for the week, and subsequently how many supplements or shakes you'll need
  • Purchase the raw ingredients whatever protein powders, supplements, and meal replacement drink mixes you like
  • Make sure you have plenty of containers in varying sizes to pack supplements for a week

rsz_starter_pak_1 Cropped.jpg

A Word About Containers

The right containers can make or break your supplement prepping experience. When it comes to carrying powders on the go, you need containers that are up to the task. Plastic baggies won't cut it they can burst open or tear, potentially leaking powder everywhere, and they're not the most environmentally-friendly option. Here's what to consider when choosing supplement containers:

  • You'll want a variety of sizes, suited for your supplement needs
  • Opt for containers that are reusable, washable, and dishwasher safe
  • Look for containers made from odor and stain-resistant materials that are also BPA and phthalate free
  • Remember, you'll want enough to accommodate every day in your supplement-prepping plan
  • An initial investment in quality containers will pay off with convenience, ease, and an end to the frustrating experience of trying to match misfit jars and lids

BlenderBottle GoStak containers tick every box on the list above. They come in multiple sizes (40cc, 60cc, 100cc, and 150cc jars) that can be mixed and matched to suit your needs, and they tuck away neatly inside your BlenderBottle shaker. The removable carry handle works with any combination of jars to aid portability. Plus, the jars, lids, and handle all link together with Twist N Lock technology, adding convenience and a cool factor that's tough to beat.

Organize and Fill

Now that you're armed with the proper tools and ingredients, it's time to prep those supplements. It's simple just set up your kitchen like an assembly line:

  • Clean off a countertop, kitchen island, or dining table
  • Lay out your various protein powders, supplements, or powdered drink mixes
  • Lay out your containers and lids
  • Fill a container, or stack of containers, with the measured ingredients you need for each shake or meal replacement in your plan
  • Securely close the containers and store your week's supply of prepped supplements in the pantry or fridge
  • Sit back and relax, knowing your nutrition needs for the week are as easy as grab and go

Make it Fun

In case you're worried that supplement prepping will be boring, think again. Here are some ways to boost the fun factor of being Type A organized:

  • Just add music pop in your earbuds and prep to the beat
  • Just add friends invite your training partner over for a Sunday night prep fest
  • Just add inspiration while you're prepping, envision the health and fitness goals you'll achieve with your new, systematic approach
  • Just add ahhhhhh while you're prepping, imagine what you'll do with all the extra, stress-free time you've saved

What are you waiting for? Grab a stack or seven of GoStak containers, and get started supplement prepping for the week ahead today.

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