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Spring break means different things to different people. It might be a simple break from the daily grind of school or work, or maybe a family vacation, or yes, we know about your plans a week-long, no-holds-barred party on some beautiful beach that you probably won't remember. But while we're all taking a break from something, do we need to take a break from our fitness routine as well?

Unfortunately, once spring break begins, our routines usually suffer the same fate as homework and boring reports: they go on their own vacation, somewhere far away from our minds. Hey, we're not here to lecture you. We understand it's called a break for a reason! We're not your teachers or your bosses. We've got your back. When it comes to your work and school responsibilities, Ellen Degeneres put it pretty well: "Procrastinate now, don't put it off!" We've got some fitness-friendly spring break ideas that won't hamper your fun. We call it our 'fit five'!

1. Drink Lots of Water

About the only exercise many spring breakers get comes in the form of 12-ounce curls. But that can get you dehydrated pretty quickly among other repercussions. So make sure one of your spring break rituals is drinking lots of water. Whether you're laying on the beach or recovering from the night before, your body will thank you. A starting point is eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, but that's if you're not living it up. We dare you to double that!

2. Don't Drive, Walk

Unless you're planning a cycling retreat, you'll probably end up skimping on cardio. Well, believe it or not, the original cardio was about function. Instead of driving from your hotel to the beach or the bar, walk or run. It'll even save you money on parking, and if you're imbibing, it'll keep you hanging out with your friends instead of the local law enforcement!

3. Take Advantage of Your Locale

How often do you run on sand for exercise? How about open-sea swimming? Those offer unique benefits that you can't get from running on pavement or swimming in a pool. For every hour you spend relaxing on the beach, go for a quick swim or run (even if it's just for another drink). Trick your body into exercising by doing it for fun.

4. Create Your Own 'Waiting in Line Workout'

Waiting in line has become part of the American vacation experience. If you're heading to Disneyworld, expect to spend around 50% of your time standing in line. But even at the beach, you're sure to find yourself battling it out with other spring breakers for bathrooms, tables, parking, and a menagerie of other necessities. Why waste that time just standing? Here's something to add to your list of spring break ideas: Lunge your way through the line, or find a couple heavy rocks and do some curls. Or if you're feeling particularly uninhibited get your heart pumping with jumping jacks or yoga. You might get some confused looks. But who cares? You might make some interesting new friends too! Besides, you're staying active and burning off those high-calorie beverages.

5. Eat Breakfast

This one's a little more practical, but it's often overlooked. When you're on a new (usually more hectic) routine, or recovering from the previous night's festivities, it's easy to skip breakfast. But that's where your day begins. Same as at home, if you skip breakfast, you're more likely to be lethargic and crave fatty foods during the day. So throw your BlenderBottle in the suitcase before you leave town, and mix up your own healthy breakfast each day before you head out.

What are you spring break plans? How are you planning to stay fit while away?

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