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Welcome, Marvelites!

Welcome, Marvelites! - BlenderBottle

The rumors are true. There's hope for planet earth. Marvelites, True Believers, Web-Heads your favorite Marvel characters have teamed up with your favorite shaker bottles to keep you fit and fueled.

Our officially-licensed Marvel characters designs available now represent seven of the mightiest, most popular Marvel superheroes. If you're a Marvel movies fan, you've probably already popped a few of the new shakers in your shopping cart. If you're new to the Marvel universe and need a superhero powers primer, here's a look at the seven Marvel characters we're highlighting with our initial launch.

Captain America

Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, was a scrawny, sickly young World War II soldier until a “Super Soldier Serum” turned him superhuman. Now, he's a master of the martial art Jeet Kune Do, with superhero powers that include strength, agility, stamina, and an indestructible shield. Plus, he's as patriotic as they come.

Check out Cap's shaker bottle here.

Captain Marvel

The first female in the Marvel characters universe to have her own feature film, Carol Danvers started out as a colonel in the U.S. Air Force, battling the stereotypical gender roles enforced by her conservative father. Since discovering her superhero powers including strength, speed, flight, extreme durability, and the power to absorb any energy and in turn release it in concentrated blasts she's become one of the toughest Avengers on record.

You'll find Captain Marvel's shaker bottle here.


Spider-Man is arguably the most relatable superhero. Sure, he was bitten by a radioactive spider, imbuing him with heightened spider powers like the ability to scale and leap across buildings, sense danger, and shoot sticky spiderwebs from his wrists. But in his human form as nerdy Peter Parker, Spidey still stumbles and bumbles through life like any ordinary guy.

Three different Spider-Man shaker bottle designs are available here.

Iron Man

The billionaire-businessman backer of the Avengers, Tony Stark makes his own place in the Marvel universe as Iron Man. Using his genius intellect and his weapons-grade resources, Stark created a superhero power suit, endowing him with superhuman strength and the ability to fly. Despite his external shell of superhero powers, the demon of alcoholism haunts Iron Man inside.

Get ahold of our new Iron Man shaker bottles here.

Black Panther

As a superhero and King of Wakanda, the most technologically advanced and heretofore secretive society in the Marvel universe, Black Panther is a warrior for good and a force to be reckoned with. Known from birth as T'Challa, Black Panther possesses incredible strength, reflexes, and regenerative abilities. He also boasts superhuman smarts and a suit made of impenetrable Vibranium.

Want one (or both) of our Black Panther protein shakers? Click here.


Paramedic Jake Olson in human form; hammer-wielding God of Thunder and champion of the innocent in superhero form. That's Thor, one of the toughest Avengers around. His hammer, Mjolnir, summons thunder, lightning, wind, and rain. It also enables Thor to fly, and it will always return to his hand. In addition to Mjolnir's magic, Thor's superhero powers include superhuman strength and immunity from all disease.

Think the Thor shaker bottle is the one for you? Find it here.


It's hard to bet against the Hulk in any battle the only challenge is knowing whether his incomparable strength can be channeled in the right direction. Dr. Bruce Banner, skilled nuclear scientist, first transformed into the huge green beast as a result of gamma radiation exposure. Now, any time Banner is stressed, angered, or in danger, he bulks up and becomes the untamable, unbeatable Hulk.

Mix your next green drink in the Hulk shaker bottle, available here.

Which Marvel characters shaker bottle or bottles will you choose? Which Marvel superheroes would you like to see us honor next? Let us know in the comments below.

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