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We Went Big So You Can Too.

Serious workouts call for serious hydration. At 2.2-liters, Koda is designed to help hydrate you through a huge workout, a long weekend, or a hectic day ahead. Hitting your daily water quota has never been easier.


Stay Hydrated For Hours On End.

Enjoy enhanced features like our popular SpoutGuard™ to protect from dirty gym fingers, a secure screw-on lid, and an enormous 2.2-liter capacity—made to satisfy a monster thirst.


Enormously Convenient.

With a streamlined design, a comfortable carry loop, and a sure-grip handle, Koda is built to effortlessly haul around all the fluids you need.


Leak Proof.

Simply secure the screw-on lid, close the flip cap, and get moving. Or toss the jug in your car or gym bag and don’t worry when it tips.


Worry Free.

Built only from the highest-quality materials, Koda is BPA and phthalate free.

Product Details

2.2 L
5.35" x 10.5"
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Customer Reviews

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Алексей Кравцов

никогда не любил пить воду, в должном объёме.. Но с приобретением коды всё стало налаживаться 2 литра это именно мой объём..

Gary King
Koda - Brittle, Don't Be Rough

I am on my second Koda bottle but only because I felt I needed one for convenience. The first one I bought from here didn't last very long. I feel like I have to be very careful and baby this one if I don't want it to break.

I had mine filled up with water, BCAA powder and some ice. I put it into my trunk and it bumped on the plastic floor of my trunk causing a 4-5 inch crack or split down the side of the bottle. I researched a little further and noticed that the product is made from Polypropylene rather than the "Classic" Blender Bottle which is listed as Plastic. The material seems thinner to me and therefore is likely the cause (combined with the cold water) in my opinion.

I contacted Blender Bottle and they would not even exchange it which was very surprising to me considering I had just bought it and have also made other purchases before as a good customer and their Warranty page states they have a Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

My second Koda bottle is still okay and I still love my other Blender Bottles even though I have had to replace a few lids over time.

There are several other reviews indicating similar experiences and low ratings unfortunately so I felt I should add mine to at least help raise awareness. Maybe they'll update the materials used or offer exchanges or refunds to those who have had troubles with their Koda bottles.

Thank you

We are sorry to hear that you had some difficulties with your first Koda bottle. Our Koda and Classic bottles are both made from Polypropylene, however, due to the large fill capacity of the Koda, it can become significantly heavier when filled with liquid making it more prone to breakage if dropped or knocked over. Our limited lifetime warranty does not cover accidental damage, so we recommend using special care with the Koda to avoid drops or falls when possible. We appreciate your feedback and hope that you will continue to enjoy your BlenderBottle products.

Deborah Cunningham

I had high hopes for this bottle as I love blender bottle products. Unfortunately it sweats so much that I have to carry around a paper towel with me. Also, that it doesn't come with a straw or even the ability to purchase a straw lid is a major downfall. I am afraid this will be collecting dust more than getting used.

We appreciate you sharing your concerns and recommendations, we will pass them on to our team.

breaks easily

had mine for a couple months & was holding it from the loop when it was full & that broke due to it being too heavy then fell on the floor & busted completely open. also would leak all the time from the too even though it was on properly. Loved the size & everything about it but made very cheaply but then again look at the price. You get what you paid for

We're sorry to hear about your broken bottle. We recommend using special care with Koda bottles as the large fill capacity can make it heavier and more prone to breakage when dropped. If you decide to reorder, please reach out to our Customer Service team at for assistance.

What about us lefties?

I was excited to get this bottle - and I think I would have been happy.....but, the lid only screws on *ONE* way - forcing you to use the right hand to drink. I'm a lefty, so this is very awkward. I have multiple other cups that can end up either Right or Left, depending on how/where you start screwing it on. My Starbucks coffee mug is perfect that way. All kinds of new colors - well yay. Have you fixed the lid yet so it can be used by non-right handed users?
< Feeling discriminated against here>

We're sorry to hear you're not loving your bottle and will gladly share your feedback with our team.