Oasis - Classic™

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About the program

What is Color Rush?

More bottles. More colors. More drops—but quantities are limited and will go fast (hence, the name). If you rush, you may just snag one.

What bottles will Color Rush be on?

The Color Rush program will feature all our various products. Keep an eye out for new colors on all your favorite products.

How often will Color Rush drops happen?

Drops may vary but you should keep an eye out for announcements a couple times a month. Subscribe to our text and email lists for the most up-to-date information.

Oasis' Features

The BlenderBottle® Classic™ shaker bottle gives our tried and true best-selling bottle an impressive overhaul. The latest Classic™ shaker boasts a rounded base for better mixing, our pro-level SpoutGuard™ to keep germs off the drinking surface, and an upgraded, modern design. Add all that to core benefits you know and love—like our patented mixing system, featuring the BlenderBall® wire whisk—and the Classic™ shaker will fast become your go-to favorite.

Oasis - green, tan, and blue BlenderBottle

The Zen Master

The Classic™ BlenderBottle brand shaker bottle is the world's best-selling shaker cup and it's for good reason. The Classic™ is not just reliable; it's the epitome of a trustworthy companion, proving time and again to be the best Zen partner you could ever ask for.

Blue rounded base on Color Rush Classic

Rounded Base

Forget to add liquid first? No problem. Attain smooth, tranquil shakes every time with the BlenderBottle Classic™ shaker cup. The rounded base creates a harmonious blend, while the BlenderBall® whisk ensures a peaceful mixing of every powder particle.

Green Spoutguard to protect the drinking spout from dirty gym fingers.


Revamped with an ergonomic carry loop and SpoutGuard™, our updated lid ensures your sips stay pure, shielding them from gym grime. The Classic™ shaker, with its sleek design and practical features, remains a staple for fitness aficionados on-the-go.

BlenderBottle BlenderBall wire whisk: A silver ball with thin wire whisk loops that mix and blend ingredients inside a shaker bottle

The Ball

Look for the BlenderBall® whisk, found exclusively in BlenderBottle® brand shaker cups. When you see the ball, you know you have a BlenderBottle brand shaker. You also know you can count on a smooth shake.

My second and only one word... Fantastic.

Jim M

I bought my bottle for protein shakes and it is the best I’ve ever had. Everything gets mixed well with no powder stuck to the top or sides.

James C

I got this bottle as a gift and it was perfect!

Kassandra B