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5 Steps To A Healthier 2014 - That Don't Include More Vegetables

5 Steps To A Healthier 2014 - That Don't Include More Vegetables - BlenderBottle

2014 has arrived, and with it a slew of new resolutions. Whether your goal is to travel out of the country, or just to the gym a little more often, these tips are a great start to making this year a tad healthier than the last.

1. Drink Up

Every system in the human body relies on H20. Water helps flush toxins from your organs and can help keep your heart rate lower for longer during workouts. To up your water intake and stay hydrated, try keeping a SportMixer water bottle/shaker cup on your desk. You'll be surprised by the increase in your water intake.

2. Cut Soda

On the topic of drinking, consider a goal to cut the soda. If plain 'ol water is too bland for your taste, try adding some fresh fruit or mint leaves to infuse a little extra flavor. And if quitting all together seems a little too tasking, start by simply scaling back. By reducing soda intake from 12 oz. everyday to 12 oz., once a week, you could cut 65 cups of sugar, over 43,000 calories, and 12.5 lbs. from your annual consumption.

3. Take the Stairs

Okay - as cliche as this may be, it's a valid tip. Look for excuses to walk, and take advantage of them. Instead of driving, consider walking to the closest bus stop and using public transit. Instead of eating lunch at your desk, walk to a nearby park. Little changes can make a big difference.

4. Pack a Lunch

While this tip takes a bit of planning, it's benefits are well worth the effort. Save your wallet and your health by preparing your own meals. The GoStak is the perfect companion to a lunch box, allowing you to pre-portion snacks, supplements, etc. This way you know exactly what you're eating and can avoid extra calories from mindless munching. Beyond that, eating from home, or sticking with a packed lunch, curbs the temptation to eat something you know you shouldn't. It's tough to wolf down a hot fudge sundae that isn't easy to get a hold of.

5. Sharing is Caring

Everybody needs lunch out with their friends sometimes - humans are social creatures. When eating out, try sharing an entree with a friend to cut your bill and caloric intake in half. Be thoughtful in your menu selections and choose grilled or baked options before anything fried. Remember the big picture, and that a side of carrot sticks might help you get there before a side of french fries.

What steps are you taking to improve your health?

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