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Happy (Belated) Johnny Appleseed Day!

Happy (Belated) Johnny Appleseed Day! - BlenderBottle

This morning as I walked out of my house, I giddily grabbed 2 apples from the fruit jar and tossed them into my brown paper bag. Why, you may ask, is there anything exciting about 2 pieces of the same fruit? After a few fun facts, I think you too will have a hard time finding anything un-exciting about this fruit bursting with freshness, fiber, and fun:

  • Consuming apples can help with some eye problems, and tend to strengthen the eyes
  • Apples are rich in fiber and help in digestion
  • Regularly eating apples can lower your cholesterol and is healthy for your heart
  • Eating apples encourages fast recovery and promotes strength
  • The plentiful antioxidants in fresh apples help slow aging of the skin and brain.
  • Munching on apples helps in cleaning teeth and gums.


So there you have it, apples are not only delicious to the taste, but they are GREAT for you. Thank you, Johnny Appleseed, for promoting such a sweet, crunchy, and heart healthy snack.

-- Ali

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