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Increasing Your Strength With Food

Increasing Your Strength With Food - BlenderBottle

Now doesn't that sound nice!?

This week's fitness tip comes courtesy of Ali here at the BlenderBottle company - she filled in for me while I was out of town a week or so ago, and provides some simple yet useful eating tips in this week's post!


I know many of you believe that increasing your strength comes primarily from within the walls of your local gym.

If I can just sweat it out for another thirty minutes, my body will look thirty-minutes-of-weight-lifting‚ bigger, better, and stronger.

While this may be true, the food you eat can also greatly impact your overall strength. Now, I know what you are thinking, "I can EAT to get stronger?!" Well, it's not quite that simple‚ you can't just eat anything and expect those muscles to start growing. So read on for tips on eating your way to peak strength:

One of the most essential ingredients for continuing your weight lifting success is feeding your muscles proper nutrition. Just like kids need plenty of milk to grow healthy, wealthy, and strong, your muscles need plenty of protein in order to grow properly. Experts say you need to consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight in order to achieve maximum growth.

As all you BlenderBottle gurus are well aware, the BlenderBottle can help with your protein consuming needs. Shake it up, twirl it up, whirl it up-the BlenderBottle makes it easy to consume yummy protein shakes for you and your muscles! Other good sources of healthy proteins are: egg whites, fish, lean beef, and poultry.

Okay, okay, I know eating lean beef isn't really that exciting, it doesn't excite me either. But, if I told you that eating yummy carbohydrates would also feed your body for peak strength, would that excite you? I was pleasantly surprised to find that complex carbs (whole grain breads, oatmeal, and pasta) can provide the energy you need to hit the weights hard. Not only is it healthy to add complex carbs to your diet, it's foolish to completely ignore carbohydrates. How's that for good news?

So there you have it, with the right foods and a well-balanced diet we really can eat our way to maximum strength."



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