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7 Protein Hacks For Easier Gains

7 Protein Hacks For Easier Gains - BlenderBottle

Our goal here at BlenderBottle is to make your life easier, better and lump free. In accordance with this goal, here are a few tricks that we've found to make consuming, mixing, and transporting your protein a lot easier.

1. Only buy vanilla or chocolate

Most of the top selling protein powders come in 10 or more flavors. Banana Cream, Cookies and Cream, and Mocha Cappuccino are a few of these delicious-sounding protein flavors currently offered. These kinds of flavors taste amazing for the first two or three weeks. After this, they get a little harder to choke down. Using chocolate or vanilla protein powder as your base, you can easily make all of these flavors on your own. Simply use powdered pudding mix, food extracts, and instant coffee to achieve these great flavors. Don't believe us? Try a few out for yourself:

2. Mix your protein powder into batters

Every once in a while I hit a day where I just can't seem to bring myself to drink protein. If you can't drink it, eat it. (Not just the powder though, please I mean mixing them into baked items.) Here are a few places that you can find some great recipes that allow you to mix your protein powders into batters. Pancakes, cookies, breads, bars, etc.

3. Thick or thin

In the body building forums, many people post about how they don't like a specific protein because it is too thick or too runny. Increasing or decreasing the amount of liquid you put into your powder will enable you to achieve your desired viscosity without changing brands of protein. If you need a little more room for the added liquid, our new BlenderBottle Classic with rounded base may be your new best friend.

4. Palm of hand rule

Most people trying to build muscle will try to consumer 1 gram of protein per pound of their lean mass. This gets complicated when you don't feel like dedicating tons of time to meal prep. In general, if men eat two palm sized pieces of protein with each big meal and supplement with a protein shake, they will be pretty close to their desired protein intake. Women can drop to one palm sized piece of protein per big meal if desired.

5. Deck of cards rule

Another quick way to monitor your protein intake is to remember that 25 grams of protein is around the size of a deck of cards. Pretty straightforward.

6. Non-Protein-Powder Protein Shake

If you are looking to get your protein from non-powder sources, try your hand at blending up other sources of protein. Cottage cheese is a great source of protein and can be easily mixed in with other ingredients with the BlenderBall. It's worth pointing out, however, that you will have cheese clumps in this shake - because that's what cottage cheese is. If you're not a fan, it may be worth going to a blender on this one.

7. Ditch the baggies

Using plastic baggies to carry powder is messy and very inconvenient. Carry your powders, snacks, and other supplements in a GoStak or ProStak to keep them organized, clean and convenient. What are your favorite protein hacks? Let us know in the comments below.

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