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How To Care For Your Mind While You're Caring For Your Body

How To Care For Your Mind While You're Caring For Your Body - BlenderBottle

In the tumult of every day life, it's easy to neglect your mental health. However, being emotionally healthy is as important to your overall well-being as eating well and exercising regularly.

Get outside

Gyms are convenient, but they usually lack fresh air and natural sunlight, two things with proven benefits to your body and mind. If you're able, exercise outside in the early morning when the sun has just risen and the air is fairly cool. Coupled with the chemicals your brain releases, exercising in places you find beautiful is especially rewarding.

Slow down

Exercises like yoga and stretching are low-impact, but they are proven to benefit your mental health. Yoga encourages practitioners to focus on their breathing and the sensations of their bodies, which together slow the heartbeat, reduce stress, and improve outlook. Consistent practice will improve mental and physical well-being.

Exercise your mind

To stay healthy, your brain needs as much exercise as your body does. Activities like puzzles, regular reading, and meditation are proven to improve mental acuity, even into old age.

Embrace your inner child

Caring for your mental health doesn't have to be boring or sedentary. Get out and play! Games of all kinds keep your mind young, both figuratively and literally. Play builds neural connections, associated with improved mood, wakefulness, and focus. How do you care for your mind?

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