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How To Schedule Exercise Into A Busy Life

How To Schedule Exercise Into A Busy Life - BlenderBottle

The most effective workout routines are ones that work with your lifestyle and your schedule. Since everyone's schedule is different, no single routine will work for every person. We've gathered some tips to help you pick a routine that sticks:

Exercise when your energy levels are at their highest

Our body's energy naturally lags at different points throughout the day. For most people on a 9 to 5 schedule, this is in the mid-afternoon and the evening. Commit to exercising soon after you wake up, or whenever else you feel most energized. You'll accomplish more and feel better afterward. Avoid exercising immediately after eating, as you will likely feel more lethargic as your body digests your meal.

Maximize your resources

Chances are, you are surrounded by workout tools disguised as every day objects. Using the things around you to exercise will help to minimize the "stuff" you accumulate and encourage you to innovate your routines. For example In a pinch, your desk can become a base for leg dips and your water bottle can become a hand weight.

Bask in the sun

If you can, exercise outdoors while the sun is up. Exposure to natural light increases levels of dopamine in our brain, naturally boosts our mood, and encourages our bodies to produce Vitamin D an essential nutrient. Using the sun makes your workouts more effective because sun exposure naturally complements the chemical benefits of exercise. If you work in a place with low levels of natural light or you don't have a chance to be outside during the day, consider investing in a machine that simulates sunshine and using it for at least 20 minutes each day.

Take the stairs

For many of us, our schedules revolve around the lives of other people, like spouses, partners, bosses, coworkers, parents, and children. This means that we aren't always able to schedule workouts at the same time each day. Instead, use spare moments to perform physical activities that fit naturally into the flow of your life, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking a stroller along a more difficult route, or parking farther away from your workplace. How do you schedule your exercise when life gets hectic? Tell us in the comments below.

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