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`Twas the week before Christmas and all through the land, our thirst it was building, but we'd nothing on hand. At school or at work, at home or at play, for something to drink, we longed through the day.

The BlenderBottles were nestled all safe in the kitchen, our thirst would be quenched had we thought but to reach in. But when not exercising, we foolishly thought, that there was no use for the best shaker cup.

That night in the kitchen there arose such a clatter, we rushed in to see what could be the matter. And who should be there but jolly old Santa. BlenderBottles in hand, he walked toward the mantle.

He reached up and placed the bottles one at a time, into each of our stockings, with great care and pride. Then he turned back around , and said with a smile, "A BlenderBottle is useful for any lifestyle!"

With that he was gone, and off went the sleigh, We turned to each other, but not a word did we say. Now whenever we're thirsty, from exercising or not, We remember old Santa and the joy his gift brought!

Happy Holidays to everyone from the entire BlenderBottle team!


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