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6 Benefits Of Working Out With A Friend

6 Benefits Of Working Out With A Friend - BlenderBottle

Whether it's early in the morning, or after a long grueling day at work, breaking the "I will work out today" commitment is often too easy to justify. It's easy to make excuses and cancel on yourself, but it's another thing entirely to cancel on a friend. Aside from helping you burn more calories and push yourself harder, here are six reasons why you should buddy up for tomorrow's exercise.

You'll skip fewer workouts.

You must plan and set a defined schedule together. It can be easy to make excuses and cancel a work out on yourself, but that becomes much harder to do when you have somebody else depending on you. When you have a workout partner, you become more committed to a more consistent workout regimen.

You'll stay motivated.

Friends can help motivate us in many aspects of our lives, and when it comes to physical fitness, having trusted encouragement can go a long way. They can push you past your comfort zone and help you to realize and reach your personal fitness goals, while also possibly providing a little friendly competition.

You'll work out longer.

Time goes by quicker when you're distracted. Having a friend or a partner to chat with while exercising helps you focus on something other than the workout itself. They'll help keep your mind off of the pain until you've worked out long enough to start noticing the gain.

You can try new exercises.

It can be intimidating to try new exercises, new equipment, heavier weights, or new classes at the gym. Having a friend to work out with helps to alleviate that stress and keep you safe, creating an excellent atmosphere for trying new things. Combining your different skills, knowledge, and experience can go a long way in keeping your workouts fresh.

It's safer.

Having a spotter reduces the risk of injury when doing squats, bench press, and just about every other type of weight lifting. It's also safer to have a buddy to run or jog with in the early morning, evening, or really any time of the day.

They make it more fun.

Who doesn't like spending time with their friends? Using the buddy system can help you look forward to working out more. It gives you a chance to chat, catch up, and work towards your fitness goals all at the same time. What other benefits have you seen from working out with a friend? Tell us in the comments below.

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