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Behind the Bottle: Bobsled North American Cup

Behind the Bottle: Bobsled North American Cup - BlenderBottle

"You feel like you just got kicked off a mountain in a trash can," says Hunter Church, describing the daunting bobsled track in Lake Placid, New York. That's where the 21-year-old piloted the U.S. men's four-man sled to victory, taking gold at the North American Cup and earning four of his teammates the opportunity to compete in South Korea.


Church, a third-generation bobsled pilot, and U.S. National Bobsled teammate Josh Williamson, a lifelong athlete but newcomer to the sport starting just four months prior to qualifying rounds won't be in that sled in February 2018. But together, they're laser-focused on their next goal. It's a goal with a number: 2022.


Here's their story.





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