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You have probably been hearing a lot about CrossFit gyms lately. They are showing up all over the map, and quickly becoming the newest workout "rage."

CrossFit gyms are typically small establishments and are very different than the average workout facility. Rather than countless treadmills and stationary bikes lined up in front of flat screens, you are likely to find ropes, tires, bars, free weights, etc. The coinciding CrossFit Paleolithic diet is a "hunter-gathererā€š" nutritional plan which consists of mainly meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, roots, and nuts.

CrossFit was originally popular in police academies, law enforcement agencies, and military organizations, but lately, CrossFit has expanded to the general public. CrossFit is a quick way to have a great workout with classes that typically include a warm-up, a skill development segment, and a high-intensity workout that lasts only ten to twenty minutes. So go ahead, grab your BlenderBottle and visit the CrossFit nearest you.


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