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Healthiest Spices To Add To Your Diet

Healthiest Spices To Add To Your Diet - BlenderBottle

When asked, "What kind of spices do you use in your daily diet?" most people would respond with "salt and pepper." While tasty, black pepper doesn't have much nutritional benefit, and, well, salt isn't even a spice. How can you add some healthy flavor to your diet without the extra sodium? Here are a few healthy spices to keep in mind.


This ever-popular spice can be found in a variety of things, not just pastries. Sadly it's often paired with sugar. By itself, cinnamon offers antioxidants, iron, and calcium. Mix it into your morning breakfast or on freshly cut fruit. While tasty and good for you, we do advise against the cinnamon challenge...


Another spice plagued by its sugary pairings (gingerbread and gingersnaps being its most popular uses), ginger has been shown to be a useful potassium-loaded anti-inflammatory agent and stomach-settler. Add some ground ginger to your brown rice or even a smoothie.


There's not just the wisdom of a sage, there's wisdom in eating it. Sage has been known to help settle upset stomachs, offer pain relief, and also provides antioxidants. Sage can be eaten in a variety of ways, pairing especially well with sweet potatoes, nuts, eggs, or meat.


Nutmeg contains an antibacterial agent called macelignan, which can help reduce plaque buildup on your pearly whites. Use sparingly, but feel free to add some to your ground coffee, cereal, or our Apple Pie Protein Shake recipe.


Aside from being a great way to add flavor and keep people away, garlic is actually believed to be a powerful antiobiotic. Additional benefits include cardiovascular support and lowering cholesterol. It's an easy spice to use and can be added to dressings, sauces, butters, stews, etc. We don't recommend adding it to a protein shake...


If you have an iron deficiency, cumin is a good supplement. Plus, it contains antibacterial properties that can aid in the digestive system. To keep your sodium intake down, consider adding cumin rather than salt to your vegetables while cooking them to give them extra flavor. Have any favorite spices? Let us know in the comments below!

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