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Arcade color of the month shaker in pink and blue with a birthday cake

Birthday Cake Protein Shake 🎂

Make your protein a party with this Birthday Cake Protein Shake recipe!🎂 Here’s what you’ll need:👇

Black Sesame Coconut Protein Shake - Mando Strada - BlenderBottle

Black Sesame Coconut Protein Shake - Mando Strada

This is the way… to stay energized. From Mandalore to your gym, this sweet recipe—inspired by our favorite bounty hunter and adoptive father—will give you all the strength you need to fight on.

Thala-Siren “Green Milk” Protein Shake - BlenderBottle

Thala-Siren “Green Milk” Protein Shake

Fuel the force within. This green, tropical smoothie helps you harness strength and complete your training—with the help of Grogu, of course.

Turmeric & Peach Protein Shake - BlenderBottle

Turmeric & Peach Protein Shake

Turmeric is known for fighting foreign invaders, just like Mando protecting the child, and this blend of peaches, honey and spices is the perfect blend of spicy and sweet. Tip: If you add a bone br...

Piña Colada Matcha Latte Protein Shake - BlenderBottle

Piña Colada Matcha Latte Protein Shake

This shake may not be as tasty as a frog, but is definitely as green as one, with lots of Matcha antioxidants to keep you relaxed, alert, and prepared to feel the power of the force during your nex...

Blueberry Pomegranate Protein Shake - BlenderBottle

Blueberry Pomegranate Protein Shake

Pomegranates may have trapped Persephone in the underworld, but the vitamin and fiber rich fruit is guaranteed to increase your heart health so you’re ready to give the God of Death a second chance...

Maple Pecan Protein Shake - BlenderBottle

Maple Pecan Protein Shake

The fabulous flavor of fresh maple syrup isn’t just for pancakes and waffles. Whip up this creamy Maple Pecan Protein Shake for a protein-packed twist on a breakfast favorite to fuel your fall and ...

Pink Dragon Fruit Protein Smoothie Recipe - BlenderBottle

Pink Dragon Fruit Protein Smoothie Recipe

Slay your dragons with this dragon fruit protein smoothie recipe and the help of your Disney's Sleeping Beauty BlenderBottle shaker cup. This recipe is a big favorite here with our BlenderBottle te...

Easy Vanilla Sugar Cookie Protein Shake - A Sip of Comfort and Nostalgia

Sugar Cookie Protein Shake

Embrace the joy of simplicity with our Easy and Delicious Vanilla Sugar Cookie Protein Shake—an approachable recipe that invites you to enjoy a homemade treat without any fuss. Sip and Smile: Easy...

Coconut Vanilla Protein Shake - BlenderBottle

Coconut Vanilla Protein Shake

Mix up a smooth, creamy bottle full of coconut-vanilla flavor—with a handful of toppings to turn your shake into a true treat. Have even more of a sweet tooth? Try substituting chocolate protein po...