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Nourish Body, Mind, and Soul.

Whether you’re sipping water during yoga practice or mixing a recovery shake after a round of heavy reps, there’s something calming and clarity-inspiring about drinking directly from glass.


Perfectly Smooth.

Say goodbye to lumpy protein shakes. Our powerful mixing system uses the BlenderBall® wire whisk—found only in BlenderBottle® brand shakers—to deliver smooth protein and nutrition shakes with ease.


Glass Spout.

The unique, center-mounted Glass Spout creates a smooth, all-glass drinking surface. A second, wider opening allows for easy cleaning or adding ice.


Glass Body. Fortified With Silicone.

The Mantra™ bottle’s glass body sits nestled between a silicone cap and boot for stability and grip.


Detachable Carry Loop.

The convenient, detachable carry loop allows you to easily secure your keyring to the bottle, or latch the bottle to your gym bag.

20 oz
2.70” x 10.30”
  • Wash immediately after use
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Guerric Roberti
Just great as it will barely never smell ;-)

I wanted a Shaker without plastic, that simply does not smell if you forget it in your bag. It goes perfectly in the cup holder in my car. I like the design.


I love this bottle! I was looking for a plastic free option and love this mantra bottle! Many reviewers complained about protein powders not mixing well. I fill 1/2 the bottle with water, add powder and wait a few minutes then add the blender ball and fill remaining bottle and shake. No issues!

Raquel Mann
I REALLY wanted to love this.

I am neurodivergent and things like color, matching etc… are absurdly integral in getting everyday tasks done. I NEEDED a shaker that was narrow, very sturdy, beautiful and could replace ALL of my other shakers, as I have limited space now. I chose this one for all of those reasons, and hoping that they would eventually have easy kits for changing color, since the bottle itself is all glass and the color parts are easily removable. This is not the case. Silicone bottoms are not replaceable at all, and you have to call customer service to get a replacement cap, as they are not available online. Major bummer on the matchy part of the appeal for me. But what REALLY disappoints me about this shaker is that all of the protein gets caked into the cap. It has NEVER ONCE not done this in the 13 months I’ve had this bottle. I end up getting half moist powder all over me trying to open or drink it like this, then it’s so hard to close securely. That brings me to closure! It’s very frustrating to close the screw top with the loop on, but the loop was fairly important to me for functionality and also not loosing the little cap. I can’t open and close this while driving either which isn’t terrible, just annoying.
I would love to see BB offer a flip lid alternative for this bottle to resolve the absolute disaster that is the current design, and also offer color change packs that have a lid and silicone slip in a new color. The interchangeability options are built into the design!!! How could you NOT take advantage of that?! No one in middle class America and below is going to be able to buy MULTIPLE $20 shaker bottles, but many of us love to match! Some of us even require it for full neuro functionality.

All in all, it’s not a complete wash, but it desperately needs improvements. I am on the Mantra train, let’s just get it running right PLEASE!! Also, why isn’t there white yet?! 😳

Hi Raquel,

Thank you for your feedback. Our Customer Service Team would be more than happy to hear any suggestions or address any concerns you may have. Please don't hesitate to reach out to them whenever is convenient for you.

Shannon Kymala


Kristina Mendez

Great bottle. Easy to hold and carry for work outs. I love this bottle.