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3 Tips to Boost Your Testosterone | BlenderBottle Trainer Team

3 Tips to Boost Your Testosterone | BlenderBottle Trainer Team - BlenderBottle


Looking for all-natural ways to help boost your testosterone? Bobby Maximus has some favorite recommendations that just might help.

3 Tips to Boost Your Testosterone

Hi, I'm Bobby Maximus with the BlenderBottle Trainer Team. Today we're going to go over three tips that may be able to help you increase that testosterone, naturally and safely.

There are three things you can do that can help increase testosterone.

#1) Sleep

Your body regulates your hormones while your eyes are shut at night, so prioritize it now. Make sure tonight you get a better sleep.

#2) Clean Diet & Nutrition

Nutrition. You've got to clean the junk out of your diet. Get rid of the garbage it's going to do nothing but drag you down.

#3) Heavy Singles Workout

There's a very special workout I'm going to teach you about that can help you increase that testosterone. You're going to learn to love lifting heavy weights.


Prioritize Sleep

Listen guys you can order some wacky supplement off the internet or TV, you can run to your doctor, or you can go on a crazy diet and try to change your life. But nothing is a replacement and I mean nothing for eight to nine hours of sleep a night. You might be able to survive off five or survive off four, but you'll never thrive. When you sleep, your body produces testosterone, human growth hormone, and other good hormones you need so prioritize your time.

You're also going to have to make sure of two things. One, the room needs to be cool. Remember the phrase: warm feet, cool head. Your body will sleep better. And it's got to be completely blacked out so there's no light no light from your TV, no light from your phone, no light from the streetlights coming in through your window. You need to black out your room in order to get the sleep that you need.


Clean Diet & Nutrition

Nothing will derail you like a bad diet. You've got to get the processed garbage from your diet. There are a couple of ways we can attack this, but I want to keep it simple.

1) Eat like you would 10,000 years ago. If you can kill it or pluck it from the ground or pull it off a tree, it's fair game.

2) Five ingredients or less. If it has less than five ingredients, you put it in your stomach. If it has more, leave it on the shelf where you found it.

3) Shop around the outside of the grocery store. The only things you should go into the middle aisles for are dish detergent, diapers, or cat litter.


Heavy Singles Workout

The third thing you can do that can help increase testosterone is a workout that I call "Heavy Singles." High sets, high reps, and high volume circuits do have their place in a workout routine, but this is the workout that's going to help you increase that testosterone.

It's pretty easy to execute. You're going to go to the gym and load a bar with a bunch of weight. Pick a big body movement. Think bench press, back squat, or in this case I'm choosing my favorite the king of all exercises the dead lift.

For science-y people out there, how much weight do you put on the bar? About 90 percent of your one-rep max. If you don't know that number, load as much on the bar as you can safely lift safety and proper form being the key here.

You're going to do a rep, rest three minutes, do a rep, rest three minutes. When you accumulate five total reps, you're done for the day.


REST (3 minutes)


Those are three things that you can do that can help increase your testosterone. And honestly, they're simple and easy to implement into your lifestyle and daily routine. So do them now. Don't wait until tomorrow. Don't wait for a special event.

This is Bobby Maximus with the BlenderBottle Trainer Team. Feel free to leave some comments below and we'll see you for the next video.

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