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4 Super Manly Uses for the BlenderBottle GoStak

4 Super Manly Uses for the BlenderBottle GoStak - BlenderBottle

You're a man, and you have a GoStak. What now? The GoStak is perfect for on-the-go snacks, but is capable of so much more. Below we've compiled 4 super-manly uses for the twist'n'lock container system. Try them for yourself and let us know what you think.

1. Supplement Storage

Okay, you knew this was coming. The BlenderBottle GoStak is the perfect way to plan for and store your go-to supplements. Nobody has time (or space) to take bulky supp. jars to the gym, and the GoStak takes care of that perfectly. Don't be "that guy" at the gym spilling protein out of a baggy as he tries to pour it into his shaker cup. Come prepared with pre-measured, ready-to-mix supplements.

2. Gone Fishing

The GoStak containers are a quick solution to the traditional, messy, tackle box. Hit the lake with your bait, lures, and hooks all in one, organized, place. Bonus: Opening a GoStak container is much quieter than the average tackle box, so as not to scare away any fish.

3. Hardware

It's no secret men are all about "fixing" things. Keep your hardware together in the GoStak containers to free up some garage space and clean up your tool box.

4. Technology

Men like their tech, and it's not always easy keeping it organized. Too often our tech-treasures go missing or lose a part, lost forever in the back pack, suitcase, or living room carpet. Use GoStak jars for keeping memory cards, lens wipes, phone/camera cables, headphones, and other small tech items together and tangle-free.

What do you keep in your GoStak? Tell us in the comments below.

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