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5 Fun Fitness Alternatives

5 Fun Fitness Alternatives - BlenderBottle

30 minutes of rigorous physical activity each day can combat disease, improve mental health, and boost your energy levels. So why then do so few people make regular exercise a priority? Perhaps it's because for most, the word "exercise" means time spent at a gym or out running, and to many, that sounds miserable. To challenge the connection between daily exercise and "inevitable misery," try one of the five fun alternatives below.

Aerial Dance

Not sure what this is? In short, it's a style of modern dance performed while hanging from long strands of silk in the ceiling. Cirque du Soleil ring any bells? It's an art form that requires a high degree of strength, power, and flexibility, but don't let that intimidate you. Everyone started somewhere, and classes are starting to pop up everywhere.


Try making the switch from motorized transportation when you have to get around town. With warm summer nights upon us, longboarding to and from your evening activities is a great way to get in some exercise. If this option appeals to you, make sure to stay safe and wear reflective gear and a helmet. Those yet to make the switch need to be able to see you, and if they don't, well, we all know what helmets are for.


Don't live by the beach? Afraid of the ocean? No problem, indoor surf arenas are growing in popularity and are a safe (and sand free!) option to utilize. If water in general just isn't your thing, you might try a Surfset Fitness class. Otherwise, head to the beach and catch a wave. Surfing is an excellent core workout and can improve your overall strength, flexibility, and balance.

Roller Skating

Investing in a pair of roller-skates will open all sorts of doors for your daily 30. You may choose to skate around town, join a roller derby team, or go disco skating with a group of friends. The possibilities are endless and so is the potential for fun exercise opportunities.

Synchronized Swimming

Try finding a synchronized swim club near you, or start your own. This puts a unique spin on water aerobics and is a fun alternative to your 800M backstroke. Though difficult, this exercise form is guaranteed to be more entertaining than your elliptical, so why not try it out? Whatever your workout routine, be sure to stay hydrated and maintain proper nutrition before, during, and after. Take a SportMixer water bottle along, which doubles as a shaker cup for when you're ready to mix up your post-workout shake. What do you do to mix up your fitness routine?

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