• Sugar Cookie Protein Shake

    Sugar Cookie Protein Shake

    Does your family have a tradition of baking together during the holidays? This vanilla protein powder recipe comes with nostalgia. This is one of the many seasonal protein shake recipes at BlenderBottle.

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  • Blueberry Bananza Protein Smoothie

    Blueberry Bananza Protein Smoothie

    Fruit is nature's best source of nutrition, try adding more to your post-workout with this delicious (and nutritious) blend of blueberry and banana.

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  • Candy Cane Swirl Protein Shake

    Candy Cane Swirl Protein Shake

    Fight extra holiday pounds with this sweet protein shake recipe. Fuel your workouts during the holidays and keep those extra pounds away. The vanilla protein powder makes for a sweet result and the mint keeps you in the holiday spirit. 

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  • Oat Milk Latte Protein Shake

    Oat Milk Latte Protein Shake

    An oat milk latte with a twist. We’ve added quick oats to increase the nutritional value of this morning meal replacement shake. Enjoy it on your way to work out, to school, or to kick start your next weekend adventure.    

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  • Caramel Macchiato Protein Shake

    Caramel Macchiato Protein Shake

    Reinvent your favorite beverage in the form of a nutrient-powered protein shake! You’ll have plenty of energy to power through your morning, whether you spend it at the gym, the office, or both.

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  • Vanilla Peppermint Protein Shake

    Vanilla Peppermint Protein Shake

    Get some ho, ho, ho, holiday in your cup! Our Vanilla Peppermint Protein Shake is the perfect way to fuel up beside the fire before or after hitting the gym.  

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  • Blackberry Banana Chocolate Protein Shake

    Blackberry Banana Chocolate Protein Shake

    One of our favorite shakes any time of year, it’s hard to beat this yummy combo of berries, banana, and chocolate. Raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry yogurt work equally well, so feel free to experiment every time you whip this up.  

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  • Coconut Vanilla Protein Shake

    Coconut Vanilla Protein Shake

    Mix up a smooth, creamy bottle full of coconut-vanilla flavor—with a handful of toppings to turn your shake into a true treat. Have even more of a sweet tooth? Try substituting chocolate protein powder and chocolate chips.    

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  • Matcha Green Tea Protein Shake

    Matcha Green Tea Protein Shake

    Go green for your next protein shake—with matcha green tea, that is. This superfood is chock full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and has plenty of proven benefits that bolster both your body and your mind.    

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  • Honey Almond Protein Shake

    Honey Almond Protein Shake

    Packed with protein, this honey-sweetened shake will fill your belly and fuel your muscles for better recovery. If almond is not your thing, try the following swaps: oat milk for almond milk, peanut butter for almond butter, and vanilla extract for almond extract.    

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